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The course is closed, but that doesn't matter.

There are no lights, but the sky is clear and the moon is bright.

They will get in your way. Do not mind them.

It's all just one big game.

(Of golf)

Has some accessibility options- eye sensitivity mode, difficulty settings, including a no enemy mode.

Mac and Linux builds are mostly untested.



Thanks to:
Peyton, Takaiju, Karl, DilbertHVA, Bagelcat, Gioia, Jaspner, Waggamuffin, Depressedbabyman, Kiotree, and beckett_mikel for testing

Takaiju and SpeedMeatBoiler for Ideas/Consulting

Updated 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
Made withBlender, FL Studio, Godot, GIMP
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Golf, Horror, Lo-fi, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Thank you for allowing us to play your game!

The golf mechanics are incredible, and the horros chasing are really scary!

I could only get to hole 12  before it got too much for me!

i made a video  on the game if you are interested


question are there bosses in this game?

1 at the end of the game and it is very good

oh ok for a second i thought there was more than one.

so after seeing Jacksepticeye played this… I had to give it a go! Feel free to drop by and take a look! I really loved the concept of the game even if I did curse it out a lot in the video 馃槀

This was a really good golfing game! The ambience of the game creeped the heck out of me, but overall still a really good and polished game!!
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I loved the game, I never thought playing golf could be so terrifying! Great job building the atmosphere as the game progresses! - here is my gameplay, enjoy the screams ;). 

I couldn't finish T.T 2 scary for me lol.  Will give it another try soon.  Either way had a lot of fun being traumatized while doing one of the most relaxing things there is.

One of the scariest golf horror games of the year! I think the tension was really good and the lovely smile and creeping the bois were doing was super creepy! I heard a few complaints about difficulty and so I turned on slower enemies and man it was hard still! I personally don't like golf and in game form wasn't much better but this game was still amazing for me as a horror game! Best of luck on future games I can't wait to see the next thing you do!

What an incredible game! The slowly building tension, anxiety and stress was handled so well. So so good!

Honestly one of the best games I've played this year!

This game was utterly terrifying and so well made. I applaud you 馃憦馃憦馃憦. My words alone cannot describe how much I am IN LOVE with your latest work. The song/video at the end has me enthralled and wanting more! Im eagerly but patiently awaiting whatever you do next! I love all the content you put out and I hope you get to make everything you dream of.

10/10 experience. Would highly recommend to friends.

This was so awesome! The horror sections are some of the most tense I've been playing a game in recent memory, and the added layer of story, as well as great atmosphere and generally just a concept you are not used to from horrors, made this one of my favorite games of the year. I will definitely be looking out for your next project, awesome work! 

I hate god and was definitely not good at it in this game, but once the scares and tension started popping off in this game, I couldn鈥檛 stop until I finished the entire game! Awesome job from the creator! 

I thought THIS was excellent! I loved how it starts off somewhat innocent, then gradually it's like something feels off & then it really kicks off! Who thought golf could be this terrifying? What next, tennis? 
I cannot wait to see more from you!

We played your horror game i mean golfing not horror game on twitch.

And almighty was it a ride. I loved how their was so much more to it, it went from 0 to 100 i was expecting a short horror game but it was long too! You out did yourself Yatoimtop! Thank you for this experience! ^^

This game took me by storm with its really cool concept and amazing execution of the eerie atmosphere of something as innocent as a golf course... Had to draw an interpretation of the main (totally not) possessed golfer who would diieee for the sport! 


This GOLFING HORROR game is TERRIFYING | Greener Grass Awaits - YouTube

Amazing Game! Scared the crap out of me! Keep up the good work!

This game made me lose my mind...

The most intense game of golf i'll ever play

It is likely that my threshold for what entails as 'boring' is very different from others since I am genuinely in love with this game. All I have for it is nothing short of admiration, respect and fondness. 

[Potential Spoilers Below]

I do not play a lot of games as I am running a Mac laptop [thus having a ton of incompatibility issues with most games], but I am certain Greener Grass Awaits is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had with a horror game: Innocuous simulator mechanics, intriguing lore, and my favourite aspect: impressively crafted ambience through its art and music. For me, the character designs [even though minimal, I quite enjoyed the 'feel' they gave off, even with the enemies, which kept me screaming through the whole experience] and art style is pleasant, and the replication of casual synthwave music is very cool. The backgrounds and locations of some levels are very interesting - it makes me feel truly immersed in this strange golf course world and its connection to eldritch temples. I keep repeating certain levels of the game just to experience it all over again. I could go on and on about what I love about this game, but I wish not to sound exhausting to anyone reading this. Anyways, definitely one of the best horror games I have played in my time here; I look forward to the developer's future works. 

[Pro Gamer tip for Mac laptop users wanting to try this game: If you want to hit the ball to a higher altitude, click, drag and swing the club in a shorter but quicker movement to achieve the desired effect. Happy golfing.]

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Scary Scuffed Games #221


Vorgeschlagen von: Schleimhusten

Alter Schwede ist das mal eine geile Kombi. Ich h盲tte nie gedacht dass so viel Spannung beim Golfen versp眉re. Pr盲zision, timemanagement movement, Handling alles in Kombination wird hier abverlangt und oh mein Gott f眉hlt man sich in dem Spiel bedr盲ngt.

Auch die Art und Weise wie alles inszeniert ist war wirklich gro脽artig (ich habe noch nicht das Spiel abgeschlossen, werde es aber definitiv noch) 

Musik, Effekte, Grafik, Visuals, Scares alles absolut Top Tier. So w眉nsche ich mir Indie horror denn hier wurde alles richtig gemacht!

Kandidat f眉r Scuffed Games des Jahres!


Ich habe nun Das Spiel on Stream abgeschlossen und Meine G眉te was f眉r ein Finale. Warum zur H枚lle ist das Spiel kostenlos und wann bekommen wir mehr davon?


Dito: 5/5

Chat: 5/5 (aus 6 Votes)

Gesamt: 5/5

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hi! first off i wanted to mention that i've very much enjoyed this game! but there is one issue i wish to bring up as seen in the image below:

for some odd reason, after obtaining all achievements, the final one won't unlock! is there any way to circumvent it, as this 'extra button' has made me way too curious not to unlock it...

kudos for the amazing experience!

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wow! congrats on getting every achievement! i looked through the game code, found the error, and fixed it! the extra button really does just unlock that extra button tho. 

by the way, if you use bandcamp i can send you a free code for the soundtrack! you can dm me on instagram if you want the code. i go by yatoimtop there too.


MY friend i swear this is the most boring, anxious, stressful and the worst hororr game i have ever experienced please stop making other games i begg of you go play minecraft of something else this game is sooo boring and so dumb on so many levels.

you have achieved in my category my friend as the worest game ever thank you for making this shit game 

please consider me as your enemy from here until the day we die 

I think it's impossible for something to be boring if it's anxious and stressful. In fact, the fact that it's anxious and stressful means it did a great job as a horror game. 

I can tell by the game that the ideas and people behind it are innovative.. they should keep on the cool work .. ( and dont worry about the 14 yr olds complaining about the game)

somebody tell game to stop crashing. 

Well, if your goal was to make me never want to ever play another Golf game in my life, you succeeded.

I mean that in the best way humanly possible.

Greener Grass Awaits is a master class in tension building, always knowing exactly when to pepper in a little bit of unease, and when to go balls-out with the horror. And it's all wrapped in a premise that should be patently ridiculous, but it just bizarre enough to be dripping with malice despite it all.

I do think the game got a little TOO hard, as you can no doubt see by my meltdowns. I totally get what you are going for - removing the ample time to choose and concentrate that is inherent to Golf - but I ended up in situations where it felt downright impossible to even line up a shot at all, much less aim, before I got my face eaten. I would have prefered to make it through without having to resort to slower enemies (or in the last area, outright turn them off to feel like I had the most microscopic of chances), but finally I just buckled.

It feels like the only way to beat it legitimately is to have played Golf Games for a living since the very microsecond you popped out of your mother, but that might just be me. I just know having slower enemies did not lessen the anxiety one bit, so a slight difficulty adjustment seems very doable to me.

But either way - congratulations on making one of the most anxiety-inducing games I played all year. Rage moments aside - I truly loved it.

This is actually such a great game. I play a lot of games here on Itch, but this is truly something unique. Enjoyable gameplay loop that ramps up in difficulty and tension. The story is wild and absurdist and this is absolutely worth a few playthroughs! Tip this dev!! 

What a game, had a great time playing golf but man did it give me anxienty!

Is there a trick to getting a hole in one? Or do I just need to get better at the game (which might be beyond me)

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Honestly you just have to get lucky on the first hole

This is really irritating, can't seem to get the golf mechanics to work consistently enough to get a hole in one.  Would have given up on this a long time ago if it weren't for the more interesting bonus stuff hidden behind it.

I'm having a pretty consistent issue where I have to press escape multiple times to leave the pause menu

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Absolutely incredible, a masterclass in understanding buildup and extremely stressful gameplay designed to work in perfect synergy with the horror - from the incredibly eerie closeups of NPC dialogue and weird replies we can give to the AMAZING soundtrack/ambient noises, it's genuinely the best horror title I've played this year so far, and I play and review A LOT OF THEM.
I can't wait to see more of your art, this is an underrated masterpiece, honestly


thank you! this is a very nice review 馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹


cheers! can't wait to upload the next thing you'll make!

Without a doubt this was the most nervous I've ever been during a round of golf.  lol

full game! loved it!

That was challenging I like that. 5/5

Good game! Just wish that the dotted line appeared on the mac version

it doesn't??? i'll try to look into it.

Yo, just wanted to say this game was frustrating at points but was so good at the same time! Turning a golf game into a horror game was ballsy but you made it work and thank you for giving peeps the option to have enemies or not if so needed. Keep it up dude. Also your freaking music was good. I loved the ending and your ost on youtube.

Im going to be fully honest,although the game is unique and interesting in its own right.The mechanics of this game are terrible.To begin,the aiming and camera angles are awful ,you can barely aim in the direction you want which makes it frustrating to play.This game should have been made with a 3rd person point of view ,atleast that way you can actually see everything around you.

This game is great! It's a well done horror experience and the golf mechanics are well made.

Great game. Fun mechanics and atmosphere was phenomenal!  Good job, can't wait to see more from you.

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Unbelievably good. It's a crime that this game is free. I've been sharing it with my friends and watching it get played never gets old. The option to make things easier made the game accessible to my skill-challenged associates and scarier for the friends willing to play with vanilla options. There's a great amount of build-up and the end made everything tie together in the best way. Also, the atmosphere overall is AWESOME. It's an exceedingly enjoyable game, and I hope it inspires more of this genre of horror. I'll make sure to throw money at this dev as soon as I have it.


thank you!!!! very glad you liked it 馃檹馃檹馃檹

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