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Pearl Grabber is a game that is about finding clams and grabbing pearls.

-open world

-there's different abilities

-different challanges

-original music and graphics

-detailed environment

-problem solving

inspired by the feeling of exploring small details in open world games and exploring someone's personality/outlook when related to their art. 

the linux version is untested, and i have no way to test it. i am just trusting godot for that one. 

EDIT: apparently the linux version works fine, sweet.

some credits:

sab/donuts for testing
caitseywwww for testing
sab for end song vocals
takaiju for song feedback
derek for chair tips
organicdrumloops.com for the drum loop for the end song

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGodot
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Exploration, First-Person, island, Open World, Singleplayer, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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pearlgrabber windows 192 MB
pearlgrabber mac.zip 203 MB
pearlgrabber linux.zip 193 MB
pearl grabber tip pack 2 kB

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I am so joyful for having grabbed all the clams! Thank you!


thank you for playing!

Have you uploaded the source code anywhere? I would love to mess around with the cool visuals of this game

Game looks awesome except I have one issue. 

I cannot move the game window, and it's stuck off-center.

Please help.


hello! not sure why that's happening, but try using alt enter to fullscreen the application! alt enter should also undo it as well.


That also didn't work. I tried changing my screens orientation from "Landscape" to "Landscape (Flipped)" and that worked!


Amazing !!! More games like this pleeaase !!!
On the same concept you could even make a bigger island a little bit like The Witness and make a full commercial game out of it ! I would pay for that haha !
Bravo !


I really enjoyed the game. More games in that style would be interesting. I loved the colors and some conversations between the players. Congratulations.


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yeah! the button next to the sign is a respawn for the ball. i hope you enjoy the rest of the game!


I had an immense amount of fun in this game, and when I beat it I was sad it was over. I genuinely wish there were additional islands, and more pearls to grab. Does that make me insane?

To start off I want to say I love the style and graphics. It reminds me of like PS1/PS2 style games, and that is super cozy to me. Honestly, I couldn't imagine the game with any other style. 

So the core gameplay loop of finding pearls is surprisingly fun and addicting. I genuinely had a lot of fun just hopping around finding pearls and progressing the game. I thought the additional puzzles (beach ball/museum) were pretty cool and they provided me with an "Aha!" moment each time it all clicked.

The characters are super well done. I liked each of their personalities, their dialogue and the parts they played in the game. Statue dude was funny, but started putting off a bad vibe. Dude on the big dude made me just wanna chill and vibe with him. Spooky ghosty boy hit me with big mood statements. The characters didn't feel flat, they felt like they had depth and for a game about grabbing pearls that was something I did not expect.

My only complaint is there isn't a setting menu. The game wasn't fullscreen for me, and I had to turn down my headset volume a bit. I'd have preferred to open a settings menu and adjust those things there.

Overall I had a blast with Pearl Grabber, and I look forward to anything else you put out. This game was phenomenal! Keep it up. :)


Really really good. The only thing that I would add is an options menu to change maybe sensitivity, have fullscreen and other things like that. Question: If the two guys are the same person, then who are we;


It was a little surprising, I wasn't expecting for some introspective moment. Regardless it was really fun to play, I loved the superjump haha. I'll watch you for something else, maybe something more puzzly-ish. OH! That ball, cursed be that ball.


the ball is the most innovative game mechanic in video game history only parallelled by the fast drop button in tetris

I had the pleasure of reviewing your game:


couldnt get the clam lockers were in the way noice


You use the shovel to make the ball jump over the fence.


Pearl Grabber

What else can I say? It's grabby.  And pearly.

Oh yes! Of course, it's also... GREAT!

Haha, thanks for the game! I'm really looking forward to what else you have to produce, I like the idea of having a summer project, hope you keep it up!

Only "complaint" is not knowing that I could stop the ball with the hand x.x (I found out after reading the txt file... it works on my Arch Linux installation flawlessly btw! YAY GODOT!!)

Hmm. Oh yes, I've wanted to invite you and any other people surfing synchronicities and such to the http://pl.wizards.zone -- I'm just experimenting with running some nerd social media network software and am trying to make a cool crazy creative place

Thanks again, would play again

yoo thank you! glad it works on linux. and i will take a peep at the wizard only social media ๐Ÿ‘€


I have a weird obsession with collectibles in games so I instantly knew this was something I was going to like. I had no idea I would end up loving this madness quite as much as I do though!!

Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

thank you!