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liminal ranger is a first person platformer about talking to liminal spaces and solving their problems.

it has volume settings and mouse sensitivity sliders.

it has a good amount of original music and 3 levels with light progression mechanics.

it has two endings.

the genre is a "pick 'em up" game like my other game, pearl grabber.

if there are bugs or issues you have, you can contact me at @yatoimtop on twitter.

UPDATE 1.1- minor level design tweaks, minor bugfixes.

Additionally- if you bought the game, you can contact me for a free download of the soundtrack on bandcamp.

UPDATE 1.3- added optional tutorial skip and skips for every dialog


everything by yatoimtop

tested by connor, peyton, takaiju, and rarejackalope

some drum loops by organic drum loops.

OST: https://yatoimtop.bandcamp.com/album/liminal-ranger-ost-loops

OST also available on most streaming services!

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Made withBlender, FL Studio, Godot, GIMP
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Atmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, liminal, Liminal space, Singleplayer, Surreal
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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LiminalRanger Windows 1.2.zip 269 MB
LiminalRanger Linux 1.2.zip 253 MB
Liminal Ranger Linux 1.3.zip 254 MB
Liminal Ranger Windows 1.3.zip

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Slowly going through each of your games (and other media) since I enjoyed your latest one so much. I'm very happy that both games I've played so far were very, very good. It's impressive how so far you've had such inspired and unique gameplay/mechanics rather than sticking to trends. I played this one twice from start to finish to get both endings and am extremely pleased. Also! your use of all-lowercase characters for the protagonist is something I LOVE to see. It's such a great and subtle way to make your characters feel a bit more dynamic. I'm quickly becoming a big fan, yatoimtop!

great game! kinda frustrating towards the end but very well made.

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really really neat game with some super interesting ideas, deserves way more attention

thank you! this is a huge compliment ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

super fun and cool game! i'm glad it wasn't just a walking sim. wish i would've found the mementos!!!!! but that'll just let me replay it eventually. thanks!

glad you liked it!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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Made a series of videos on your game. I know I'm a little late, but I liked it! Keep up the excellent work!


thank you for playing! and cool to see an edited playthrough

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anyway this was a cute game with really cool and fun mobility mechanics i appreciate it :)

that last level is kind of nightmarish tho, and i dont see any possible way you can get through either area with only either the pogo or the coin

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in v1.3 the coin seems to fall through floors sometimes, if you teleport to it you're out of bounds very easily. also the coin would feel a lot nicer if you could still throw it against walls you're right up against and it just snaps to the wall and slides down it.

Fun game, despite how salty I got about my repeated failures, but the boss character is the perfect target for getting salty at.


Great game, until it said there was "momentos" to collect, then I wanted to stab myself in the gut.


ouch, stabbing sounds tough. hope you get well soon!

I heard it actually only hurts as much as being punched, weird...


I watched the true ending on your postmortem. Also just found out you made PBHere, I didn't participate at all, but I heard about it and saw it and it looked cool.


thank you! and wow, i'm always surprised by pb's reach.

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this brings back those ps1 game memories and its a very awesome game (and btw the music slaps

thank you! glad that you enjoyed the soundtrack too ๐ŸŽง

I'm very glad to found this hidden gem

thank you for playing!

love it!

thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

I liked using the coin, really satisfying when you land the shot.

thank you! ๐Ÿช™๐Ÿช™๐Ÿช™

this is an incredibly charming game. i'm excited to see more from you!!


thank you! my next project should be real neat.


finally finished the game, took me  a little longer than most people probably because i really only recently started gaming. this is actually the first game ive completed. anyways, i really love this game, the lanscapes and general aesthetics are just so beautiful, and i found the overall theme about spaces holding memories really cool!! the music as well was great, i think each song fit its corresponding landscape very well. i got the normal ending this time, very excited to play again soon and hopefully get the other ending !!! :D

thanks for playing! glad the game was accessable enough to be completed, i've heard some people say the last level was too hard. for the alternate ending- keep your eyes open on each level for a memory that don't fit in with the rest.

Deleted 2 years ago

thank you for the video! was the game posted to the subreddit?

what are the spec? I have a not good computer

i am not sure, i don't have any lower spec computers around me to test on.


Honestly one of my favourite itch.io finds. I loved this.

glad you enjoyed it!

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Added to IGDB for you: https://www.igdb.com/games/liminal-ranger

Made a video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1013620682

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thank you! i skimmed through the video, saw minor bugs in there to fix as well!

amazing job

thank you!

Deleted 2 years ago

what kind of code? My code is a little bit of a mess.

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You are putting out some dope stuff lately. Definitely keeping an eye on whatever you make next

thank you!

hey when I click download I'm getting an error saying there is no build. I would like to play because it looks cool so please ping me when this fixed thanks!

are you on the itchio client?

its cause im on mac, my bad :P


I really enjoyed the asthetics, very original. The levels are pretty entertaining as well. Good work! I'd suggest to care a bit more about the sound fx though, other than that very nice!


Hello! I found you from your ARG and was excited to play this game when I first heard about it. I wasn't disappointed. first off, I love your storytelling. whether its your games, your ARG, your music videos, or your videos up on your YouTube, it never seems to leave me unfulfilled. I played through the game twice just to get the true ending. the first time I went through, I was focused on the gameplay and story. I ended up finishing with the spray bottle and the pogo stick. the pogo stick is definitely hard to master especially with the mega jumps and aiming your wall bounces. the invulnerability of the spray bottle definitely helped with the pogo stick because I was able to use it and even if I shot myself into the sight of one of the creatures on accident. the skate board part of the last level was definitely hard with the pogo stick and pointing it into the right direction of specific areas of the map. nevertheless, I beat the game and got the normal ending. the second run through I went for the true ending. I used the coin more this time and ended up having it in the end with the spray bottle. I found the use of the coin easier than the pogo stick as a transportation item. this time through, I was more focused on the landscape. I watched your video on your YT of you going through pearl grabber and explaining things through the game. you mentioned how you liked adding little scenery items like those two chairs pointing to the the ocean at the back of a house in pearl grabber. I noticed some of those the second time through. one noticeable one was on level two. there's a cliff with two chairs pointing out to the rest of the map. You probably don't think people notice those little things so I just thought that I'd tell you that I did and I like the appreciation to fine detail like that. last I'd like to comment on the music. I find it amazing how you made an entire sound track for this game. I liked how some places had different music than other. it definitely helped with the mood and the atmosphere of the game. I loved all the music but my favorite song is probably "I Found You In The Lobby" it adds a very nice touch to the true ending that gives people that actually found it a nice little treat. overall, I loved the game. I don't think I have anything bad to say about it. I really hope you keep making projects because I will definitely stay tuned for them. Thank you!

I just speedran the game, took around 27 mins with the ending cutscene.

thank you so much for the write up! and nice job on the speedrun, that's about my time as well!


I can't imagine why you wouldn't export this to Mac if you made this in Godot. Is it because you don't have a way to test it? If you port to Mac I can playtest for you. 

Either way, please export a Mac version, I'd love to play this game.

i have a newer mac, and i experienced texture issues and not good performance issues with a mac export. i think it's because i'm on the godot beta 5 i think? 

regardless it was barely functional on mac, but if godot fixes it i will for sure export it to mac! my other thought is that it's an amd card issue.

Hmm, I'm using a 2013 MBP with intel graphics. Never had any trouble with any Godot games in the past. Understand your commitment to quality and not shipping it under those conditions. If you want, I'd still be happy to test it out on my machine and let you know if I experience the same issue, just let me know.


One of the most fun games I've ever played. The soundtrack is interesting, the graphics are incredible. I played for three days and only now did this gameplay exploring everything. Undoubtedly an amazing game.

thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it!


I love the graphics in this game, and the music compliments it so well. I'll be honest, I'm quite dumb and I never made it past the first level, so I would really appreciate a feature that just tells you where to go, but maybe that's just a me thing. Also, I cannot stress enough on the fact that this game is gorgeous, especially the car parking area.

btw in my vid that i linked, i didn't get past level one so don't use it as a walkthrough or anything, also if you did watch my video, please give me some criticism, im trying to make my videos better and would appreciate it lol


I'm very impressed by the level design, superb atmosphere in some scenes.

Could not finish the last level yet with spray and pogo.

there is the wall jump you can use if you are just short of a ledge! and the wall bounce ability is good too. every level is beatable no matter the tools.


Good lord, I would play an entire game based around the hammer and coin movement. Great job!

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This is such a great game. I love its beautiful message.

and I would like more pogo stick action and coin-tossing in other games, too. :D 

and by the way, the non-violent approach with the spray is so creative and the alt is also very cool! I somehow didn't use the hammer mutch, because it was a bit unclear how to do the jump with it. since it was much easier with the pogo stick, I used it for most of the game.

and I absolutely love the soundtrack and the artstyle. keep it up!


Got to the second level, and this game is pretty nice. One thing that stood out to me was the part where you choose a tool to be thrown away in exchange for upgrading another; it makes tackling the levels a lot more interesting if you replay the game.

I do have two small criticisms, however: The first is that selecting the tools with the keyboard numbers is quite annoying, and it would be nice to see an option for mouse-wheel scrolling (also on the topic of tools, I don't like how the icon for the tool you have equipped disappears from the screen. It would be nice to have a different colour to represent it instead). 

The other problem is with the bloom in the latter half of the second level; it makes the white tools hard to see and is generally just an eyesore. Maybe it could be fixed with a bloom slider and a black outline for the tools.

I did love the presentation and setting, and it's made me more interested in your other games. Good stuff!


i put out a quick patch to address your icon concern and also the 2nd level brightness issue! (i just got used to how bright it was i guess)


Just started and the game (on Linux), everything starts up perfectly well and there aren't any noticeable problems. I haven't even gotten past the first staircase yet, but I absolutely love the graphics and the soundtrack. Very impressive!


thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

oh and i just found out the linux build didn't export a scene that was critical, so it should be fixed now! there's a new download.

stacked in the first stairs in linux :(

It looks like the dialog doesn't get activated in the Linux build (is it left click? I tried both left and right when the cursor is spinning at the beginning but nothing happens) I'll boot into windows sometime and see what the difference is sometime

oh you press e to interact with stuff when you see the spinny thing!

Ah x///x thanks, I just finished the last level and the final door didn't spawn at the top of the cube after the dialog (I checked someone's youtube video to see what the next step was, not sure if collecting more vents and skateboards than needed might've bugged it?)

Great game ๐Ÿ‘

oh man sorry to hear that it bugged out like that... i'll look into it! thank you ๐Ÿ™

Deleted 2 years ago